Angliss Hotel School students attend Great Chefs Dinner

A group of Angliss International Hotel students were given the opportunity to participate as food and beverage attendants at a Great Chefs Dinner on Friday 31st of March.

Chef Ikeui Arakane (known to many as Iron Chef Kin San) from The Glass House (Tasmania) & Wasshoi (Prahran), showcased his signature simple Japanese cooking-style using fresh, local, and sustainably grown produce.

The group were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Chef Kin San, and to work alongside a passionate, professional team. The occasion provided them with essential industry exposure.

Student Rina Murata said, "The Great Chefs dinner was a wonderful experience and I was able to practice my table service and customer service skills."

Gaining confidence in practical skills through work experience is a crucial component of being job ready.

"The Great Chefs Dinner was an amazing opportunity for me and other students, as it gave us invaluable insight into a high paced working environment and demonstrated the kind of work ethic we need for this industry" said Sylvia Lucas.