Marriott hosts student communication meeting

The Angliss International Hotel School (AIHS) students  communication meeting was held at the Melbourne Marriott Hotel to provide vital career information for our students.

Head of Angliss International Hotel School Cary Warren lead the presentations, along with Acting AIHS coordinator Tracey Zammit, and AIHS coordinator Sheena D’Souza.

Cary welcomed the students, and showcased the many opportunities available in the hotel industry. Tracey addressed placement preparation and Sheena discussed the Singapore Study Tour and upcoming masterclasses.

The highlight of the meeting was a presentation by Marriott Hotel Human Resource Manager Diana Vieweg. Diana presented her career journey, its challenges and outcomes. In the conclusion she detailed the career opportunities available at the Marriot.

Encouraged by Diana’s presentation, student Laurence Burke said “Hearing first-hand from someone who turned an unpaid traineeship at a hotel, into a thriving career in a Human Resources management position was educational, and inspirational to all of the students as we strive to follow a similar path in this industry."

Industry presentations provide vital career information and motivation for students. Student Teagan Farnsworth said, “Having the opportunity to hear Diana’s story was really enlightening.”